Dr. Ajay Data

Dr. Ajay Data

Dr. Ajay Data

IDN Expert


Dr. Ajay Data is known as innovator and “Father of Internet” for the Rajasthan State (India) to bring private Internet services first time in state way back in 1999. He is the founder of Data Infosys Limited.

Ajay Data is an Indian entrepreneur and elected Chair of Universal Acceptance Steering Group (UASG).

Data is arguably the creator of world’s first linguistic email address mobile app and email solution for Internationalized Domain Names domains. He has been recently credited with Graham Bell Award for this innovation. He had proposed an standard for downgrading with Alias, which was accepted and recommended as best practice by Universal Acceptance Steering Group.

He has been also credited for giving access to the World for Internationalized Email Address in 19 languages including Cyrillic, Arabic, Thai, Mandarin, Korean and 15 Indian languages, which is available through DataMail app.

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