stands for Coin "Middle East North Africa".

Ok I can finally announce the sale of No NDA but I agreed not to mention who bought the domain even though a quick check is easy enough. The buyer would like to remain anonymous but does not mind the publicity from the sale of

Sorry guys. Don't take this photo seriously. It's for shock value not show off value and perhaps for exposure. Just goofin off. Check out that huge melon! (unfortunately empty!) lol
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So this makes at $25,000 the 5th largest domain sale for a domain beginning with keyword "Coin" and highest domain sale for a domain ending with "Mena". MENA stands for Middle East North Africa.

I wish the buyer the best. Met him in person in NYC. Had lunch with buyer at Veselka's, my treat.

Side Note: The buyer told me that the broker they hired to get for them told them that at most should cost only $25,000. Buyer told me that Broker offered $8,000+ to me which the broker did and that the broker planned to sell it to them for $25,000. Buyer did not like this arrangement he told me and decided to buy from me directly since we were already in contact prior to the broker being brought in. I really did not understand why they felt the need to bring a broker into the mix.

If it can be avoided, I really would rather not deal with a broker.

Although that's what I did with my last sale

When brokers contact me, as a rule I ignore, but in this case I said "why not?"

I have no issue with the broker in this case. I'd probably do the same and try to flip a domain for quick profit.

I hope giving this info will help other domainers make the right decision.

I had asked for a ridiculous price of $250,000 so I guess $25,000 was a relief to them.

First we were warned that today. Godaddy users were experiencing issues with transferring domains via Godaddy Push but not external transfers. Supposedly when you do a transfer. The Transfer Button is not made available. But we did not experience that. What we did experience was that the buyer did not receive transfer confirmation email after I had accepted the whois info change update.

The transaction took long because there was an issue pushing the domain from one Godaddy account to another Godaddy account. Had to cancel transfer. Then there was an "error". So ended up transferring to Google Domains.

In which case, Godaddy rep warned me that Google Domains an "experiment" that was being phased out. and the transfer might end up in limbo. I don't know what he was talking about as the transfer went off without a hitch over to Google. Buyer said Godaddy rep was just scaring us into doing the Godaddy push to keep the domain with Godaddy.

Domain Price Date Venue 75,000 USD 2014-11-12 DomainGuardians 27,500 USD 2014-04-16 Uniregistry 26,705 USD 2018-08-05 Alibaba 26,000 USD 2018-02-05 Uniregistry 22,000 USD 2018-02-26 Sedo 20,000 USD 2017-08-31 Uniregistry 14,190 USD 2018-04-11 Sedo 12,500 USD 2019-01-31 Sedo 12,200 USD 2017-02-20 Sedo 12,000 USD 2018-03-20 Uniregistry

Domain Price Date Venue 19,000 USD 2012-05-31 GoDaddy 7,350 USD 2019-01-21 Sedo 3,429 USD 2014-10-15 Sedo 3,205 USD 2007-04-17 Sedo 2,200 USD 2017-05-15 DropCatch 1,350 USD 2014-09-24 Sedo 1,000 USD 2011-04-23 Sedo 795 USD 2010-04-19 Sedo 685 USD 2008-02-18 GoDaddy 648 USD 2012-11-25 GoDaddy

It's not the 6 figures I always go for but it's a good start in my liquidation this year.

I have more "Coin" and "MENA" domains if anyone is interested. Next one I'm working on I am going for 6 figures for updates follow me on here.

I hope this sale helps others with their keywords.

I hope this sale gains me some exposure for my other domains.

I also hope people will think twice before sending me $100 offers for my domains.

I also hope this Cashier's check clears tomorrow or else I'll have egg on my face.

Anyone know if I can submit this sale with Namebio without providing info on the buyer?

Good luck to everyone else on their future deals!