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  • DOMAINX Telegram Group - Getting Started

    Welcome to the DOMAINX Telegram group (if you haven't joined yet, the link is at the bottom of this post). You were redirected to this post either from the group's pinned post or from the group description. The amount of information we need to make group members aware of is a bit too much, so we decided to start a new thread here. This post contains all the necessary guidelines and FAQs for the group. Make sure to go through all of this info before engaging in the group.


    The DOMAINX Telegram group was started back in 2018 as a place for unified domain name discussions. This was before the forum came into existence. Later, the group was used as a venue for DOMAINX auctions. The group is comprised of many veteran domainers, bloggers, digital marketers, and most-importantly: newbies; all discussing domaining, domain names and related topics. As a community, the group has a steady conversation and growth rate. Our aim has always been to keep the group clean and healthy, which is why there are certain rules we require everyone to follow (read below).

    1. Identity legitimacy - We require every group member to keep their real, complete individual or business name in their Telegram profile. Yes, in the beginning, we only allowed individual names, but due to a large number of requests, we now allow members to keep their business names post verification by a moderator. This rule is in place to keep the group professional and courteous. Pseudo names, single individual names, names in any language other than English aren't strictly allowed. People who we've worked at/with DOMAINX previously shall be an exclusion this rule, and shall be allowed single/pseudo names. We have a bot in charge of finding and restricting any accounts with pseudo/incomplete names.
    2. Spam protection - Telegram is notoriously famous for spambots and spammers, which is why the group uses a third-party captcha bot for user validation. When you join the group, the bot will place a temporary restriction on you and ask you to solve a captcha. This process is completely automated, and if you do not solve the captcha within a set duration, the bot will automatically remove you from the group. You can join the group again with the link and solve the captcha. If you solve the captcha, the bot will remove any set restrictions, and you will be accepted in the group.
    3. Conversation relevancy - All conversations in the group shall remain closely related to domain names and domaining. Domain name discussions, suggestions, deals & offers, case studies, news, strategies, and techniques are allowed, while domain name appraisals (how much is my domain worth), self-promotions, spamming, sharing unethical/illegal content, and trying to sell domain names in the group or group members without prior permission are strictly not allowed. Also, we encourage every member to do some basic internet research before asking a question or seeking help. Google has answers to most of your basic questions, so use it to save your time and others'.
    4. Prohibited conversations - The following type of messages aren't allowed: festival wishes, abuses/slangs/cuss words, racial slurs, messages in languages other than English, irrelevant media (images, videos, GIFs, emojis), and sharing of someone's private details without their permission.
    5. DOMAINX Auctions - DOMAINX organizes and conducts live online and offline domain name auctions. The Telegram group serves as a venue for the auctions, which have their separate set of rules and regulations. You can check them here. Basically, discussions shall be stopped while an auction is in progress, and resumed only after it's finished.
    6. Violators & defaulters - Any member found violating the group rules shall either be restricted (temporarily) or banned (permanently). Restrictions may be lifted by getting in touch with the moderators/admins via personal message. A ban would mean permanent disqualification from the group as well as all DOMAINX events and programs. Also, moderators have the complete authority to remove messages or members that seem to be violating the group rules.

    We started the forum for a more organized way of discussions. Any thread, any topic you start in the forum stays organized in its parent category for everyone to see, respond, and learn. We also publish very detailed, informative content exclusively on the forum regularly, which is something we can't really do in an instant-messaging platform. Apart from that, stuff like Appraisals and sale proposals are allowed on the forum. If you have a question and you don't want an answer urgently, prefer posting it in the forum instead of the group.

    1. Group link: Tap here to join, or copy to share:
    2. Domain name / TLD deals, offers, and promo codes: here
    3. Daily drop lists: here
    4. Exclusive guides and resources: here
    5. Group admins & mods (with Telegram usernames): Sharad Saxena (@iwebconnects), Manmeet Pal Singh (, Shailendra Mishra (@mishraweb), and Jitendra Behera (@JitendraB7)

    Thanks for reading this far! Let us know if you have any suggestions or tips. Happy domaining!
    Last edited by Jit; 18-12-2019, 11:09 PM.

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    Thank you for writing these down Jit!
    Need help? Private message me :-)




    Since 2014, DOMAINX™ was developed to build community and provide income opportunities to aspiring Internet professionals, is now a part of multiple success stories.

    Disclaimer: Views expressed by members are their own, and not those of DOMAINX™.


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