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Important Points to Consider Before Investing in Domain Names


  • Important Points to Consider Before Investing in Domain Names

    I have been thinking about writing some important points to consider, and keeping in mind before starting in the domain name industry, which people can follow and avoid burning their hands or wasting hard-earned money. So here it is and I really don’t care if you like them or not but they have worked out well for me, for past 19+ years :-)

    These points could help domain name investors as well if they aren't making enough with your current portfolio of domain names. You can sit back relax and reconsider your domain name investing strategies.

    For new people, hand-registering a domain name today and thinking that it would fetch you millionaire dollars from an enduser is the biggest mistake new domain name investors tend to make in their journey starting out. If it was available for you to pick up, it has been left unregistered for a reason and no one really wants it, not even a domain name investor like us. You would need to perform a thorough research in order to justify the domain name registration and further why an enduser would pay a premium price (more than hand-registration cost) to buy it from you. Will your domain name provide or offer an additional commercial benefit or an edge to the probable enduser?

    There are plenty such questions you and I will need to answer in order to justify your acquisition. So lets get started and figure out what is really important in order to make money while investing in domain names.

    First and foremost, focus on a top level domain name which will offer instant return on investment. And what better than .COM domain names which are easy to use by businesses worldwide. They are easy to remember, well-trusted and provide instant credibility. Instant return on investment means, there is an established .COM reseller and enduser aftermarket.

    The domain name should be able to pass the social gathering and radio test, which means it should be easy to understand and memorise.

    While hand-registering a domain name, make sure to use a trusted and secure registrar.

    Leave your domain name whois publicly available so that domain name brokers, domain name buy services, domain name aftermarket platforms and technically savvy probable endusers can reach out directly.

    Always make sure of listing your domain name for sale at all or maximum domain name marketplaces. This helps provide an additional exposure to your inventory.

    If you aren’t giving enough time to research about the commercial viability and previous sales data of the keywords in question, you have failed miserably.

    Once you have invested in a domain name, instantly put up a for-sale or a parking landing page in order to figure out whether the domain name has existing traffic. This will help you figure out the added value and importance of the domain name.

    If you have decided to invest in domain names, learn to be patient as its a long-haul game. Sometimes, it could take years to sell a domain name.

    If you are just starting-out, and trying your domain name investment game with hand-registered domain names, you should definitely try to learn how to sell domain names through outreach and email marketing.

    Do not make a mistake of relying on domain name sales as your full-time income until you are well-established in the industry and churning out sales over sales every day with a steady graph for past 6-12 months. Make sure you have a backup source of income to support you and your domain name business.

    Learn how to negotiate your way in to effectively selling your domain names. Negotiation plays a major role in closing deals for higher than expected price points.

    You should be able to write an effective outbound email which will focus on meeting enduser requirements, which in turn will help you close a deal. Please not send an outbound email with a close ended questions, and learn to include open ended questions which will help you strike a conversation with your probable buyer.

    Offering ample number of options in order to close a deal helps build trust with the probable buyer. Options such as buyer’s preferred currency, trustworthy sales platform such as,,,,, etc.

    Including relevant data points such as exact-match monthly searches, commercial keyword importance and viability, domain name age, relevant keyword domain name sales, etc will help and increase your chances of closing the domain name sales deal.

    Please do not show desperation of selling a domain name by sending out follow up email the very next day. You should wait for at least 1-2 weeks before sending a follow up email with additional value points rather than asking whether they have received your previous email.

    Its all about being patient in the domain name game. If you have a valuable domain name, it will eventually sell, be it today, tomorrow, after a year or a decade.

    If you are ever in doubt, take suggestion or advice from veteran domain name investors. These professionals have been in business for years and have built trust in the industry. Their domain name sales figures speaks volume for them. Ask for proofs, screenshots, case studies, etc.

    Treat every domain name investment important because you are going to put your hard-earned money in to acquiring that domain name. Read above points once again and understand what I mean when I say it is important.

    I have tried my best to list as many points possible for help you to start with something which will help you make money with domain names in the long run. I have been doing this for past 19+ years and that should give you an idea on how patient I have been with my domain name investments.

    Wish you the best in your efforts!

    Penned by Manmeet Pal Singh (from experience of 19+ years in the domain name industry)

    • deepesh
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      Thank a lot for sharing these Golden Tips in Domain Name Investing.

    • DOMAINX™
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      Thank you Paul & Deepesh!

    • paul
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      You are welcome.
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