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Find Available Domains with these Domain Name Suggestion Tools - Part 1


  • Find Available Domains with these Domain Name Suggestion Tools - Part 1

    It becomes one hell of a task to find available domain names for people new to domain name investing, or startups looking to name their product or service.

    Selecting a name for your project, brand or company, product or service, etc.. can be very tough or time-consuming task. I have seen companies struggle in selecting a right name rather than developing the actual idea (product/service). And if you are able to figure something out somewhat relevant, it kills to find out that someone else has already trumped you by registering the domain name before you.

    In this article, we are going to try and help startups, domain name investors and creative minds to find available domains using these efficient domain name suggestion tools. The very first and most important domain name suggestion tool per our experience is:

    1. is a fast new search engine for finding available domain names. It has been around for a while, probably since 2010 onwards and was acquired by Wordpress parent company; Automattic in July, 2013.

    Per website... help you find domain names by pairing your search phrase with other keywords commonly found in domain names and then instantly showing you which are available to register.
    We personally find the tool helpful for startups or companies looking to brand their upcoming project, product or service with an instantly available domain name to hand-register.

    The powerful and elegant search tool simply lets you enter a keyword, which is in turn combined with some of the most common keywords ever used in the domain names to show available to hand register domain names. You can pull out combinations by placing your keyword in the front (prefix) or at the end (suffix) of the other automatically generated keywords. It also shows the availability of social media account such as Twitter in the search results.

    Important to note, is currently only able to find domain names in .COM extension only.

    2. is one of the oldest domain name search tools, which was built in the year 2005.

    Per website...
    InstantDomainSearch is a fast and free service for finding great domain names. Find domain names instantly by searching as you type.
    InstantDomainSearch has been billed as a nifty, real-time platform for brand-name brainstorming by the Advertising Age and was also featured on TechCrunch in its early days.

    The tool gives you multiple options to search for available domain names. You can find domains in various extensions, and if the name is registered but available for sale, results will show up an option to buy it from the listed marketplace. If the domain name is available, it'll provide a link with discounted price to a registrar, to hand register the domain name.

    We think its a simple yet outdated domain name generation tool.

    3. is a super cool search engine which gives business name and domain name ideas when you enter two keywords of choice. The search results will show up taken and available options on the next page.

    Per website...
    Panabee is a simple way to search for domain names, app names, and company names. Or use Panabee to buy the online address associated with your personal name.
    We personally find the tool helpful for business or brand name generation, or for domain name investors looking to find brandable domain names on spin-off of certain keywords.

    Interestingly, the Panabee search results show a broken red heart for not available or already registered domain names and a full non-broken blue heart for available options.

    The sleek and beautiful looking interface makes it easy for people to find what they are looking for, while providing additional features such as related term for the keywords you are searching for, translation of keywords and other available/registered extensions (ccTLDs & gTLDs) in the sidebar, and the option to check availability of social media usernames such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr. If that wasn't enough, it will also help you check whether your name is available or already taken on the Apple App store.

    Another neat, clean and super-awesome domain name suggestion tool which can be used by a non-technical person as well, in our opinion.

    We hope you liked this article which provides detailed analysis on some domain name suggestion tools which help in finding available domains. We shall publish part 2 of the series with more tools in due course of time.

    Questions? Feel free to leave a comment :-)

    • Jit
      Jit commented
      Editing a comment
      Awesome list!
      Might as well add Namelix, it's the modern day version of Panabee, with a lot of options!

    • DOMAINX™
      DOMAINX™ commented
      Editing a comment
      In the part 2 of this list Jit :-)
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