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  • Different Types of Domain Investing

    Different Types of Domain Investing

    I see so many posts from newcomers asking how to make money from domains so I thought I'd write you all a little guide on the different possible types of investment in domaining. Consider carefully how you want to invest before spending your hard earned money. In my opinion the best investment strategy is dividing your investments across all different possible types.

    This guide is catered to the 99% of typical domain investing. Getting into that top 1% means you need to learn to do...
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  • 3 Important Podcasts for Domain Name Investors

    3 Important Podcasts for Domain Name Investors

    Here are three interviews with domain investors that will teach you a lot.

    I interview many types of people on the DNW Podcast: domain investors, end users, service providers, domain developers, etc. Here are three podcasts that will help domain name investors that are trying to learn from others:

    Logan Flatt – Logan has a background in finance and takes a very analytical approach to domain investing. He runs strict financials against the portfolio and treats it like...
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  • How Spending $20,000 on a Domain Name Uncovered an Incredible Business Opportunity

    11 months ago I launched this site as a place to share my predictions on the best new online business opportunities.

    While I haven’t written here as often as I originally planned, I have been quite lucky with some of my forecasting.

    My 28 day live case study saw me build a spoken version of Medium, only for them to launch the same thing three months later.

    I analysed hundreds of earners on Patreon and said that the NSFW category was actually the biggest gap...
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  • Increase Your Chances of Selling a Domain Name

    Increase Your Chances of Selling a Domain Name

    Let’s talk about increasing your chances of selling a domain name using data and best practices.

    Domain names sell for a vast number of reasons, but they often come down to marketing campaigns and branding. Marketing efforts can be catchy taglines, call-to-action terms, or terms that are “sticky” (memorable) and direct everybody to one spot. is a great example of a marketing domain name. Nike owns and uses that domain to tie in with its famous...
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  • From $16,888 Quote to $16,888 Domain Sale

    From $16,888 Quote to $16,888 Domain Sale

    Hello and Assalamo Alaikum,

    It was a fantastic last week of March where I closed two good sales. I had a great February month especially due to the sale of whose detail can be found here in case anyone missed it. Last month wasn’t much of a difference when I closed the following two sales.

    First, a direct inquiry came for via WHOIS in early February for which I quoted $6888. I got counter offer of $1750 which I declined. After going back and forth...
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  • Sample Email - How to buy domain name from someone?

    Sample Email - How to buy domain name from someone?

    I talk to a lot of other startup founders, often at events completely unrelated to domain names, but we end up talking about domain names, since this is such a strange and mysterious world to most people. One of the most common questions I get is, “if I want to buy a domain from someone, what should I say in the email I send them?”

    I often hear many founders say, “I sent an email to buy someone’s domain name and it didn’t go very well.” When I ask them what they sent, my...
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  • Should I Hand-register Domain Names Today?

    Should I Hand-register Domain Names Today?

    Should I hand register domain names today as an investor?

    The simple answer is yes, you CAN hand register domain names today! More detailed answer is that 99.99% of today’s domain name registrations are horrible and terrible.

    Majority of domain name investors are losing money with hand registered domain names in the hope of making that one jackpot of domain name sale in order to recover most of their investment. However, we also have certain section of domain name investors...
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  • How to Sell My Domain Names?

    How to Sell My Domain Names?

    Someone asked me, “I had a couple of domains names but have no idea how to sell them or find the target buyer. Any help? The domain names are; and”

    I couldn’t help but shake my head in disappointment because mind you, I get asked about this, at least half a dozen times, each passing day. People are never inclined towards putting an effort to read about the topic in question and research further, and are always looking for short-cut to the direct answers...
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  • Domain Name Flip from Rs. 147 into Rs. 125,840
    by DOMAINX™
    If you are a new domain name investor and learning your way in to domain name investing, you have to watch how these 2 professional digital marketers based out fo Canada, and are really good friend's from Amritsar originally flipped Rs. 147 ($1.99) into a nice Rs. 125,840 ($1764) by selling domain name.

    These 2 digital marketers are Pankaj Sharma & Manik Sharma.

    They have made a detailed video-log about this experience and we encourage you to watch it to learn...
    10-11-2019, 10:53 AM
  • Advice to (New) Domain Name Investors
    by DOMAINX™
    Bob Hawkes, a Canadian domain name analyst and investor published an extensive set of guidelines for domain name investors on his personal blog; It's All In The Name. We reproduce below the top 8 items, and a link to the entire article is given at the bottom.

    The other day someone asked what advice would domainers have with respect to their first attempted or realized domain sale. I decided to answer the question more generally than only the first sale attempt. Here is my advice, expanded...
    29-08-2019, 03:58 PM
  • Important Tools For Domain Name Research
    by DOMAINX™
    How do you sell domain names? How do you find domain name endusers? How do you find domain name owners? or How do I lookup domain name history?

    I get these and bunch of other questions related to domain names almost every day. I was literally exhausted from typing same set of answer for different people.

    Here are bunch of Internet tools which will help you sell domain names, find domain name endusers, find domain name owners or lookup domain name history. Hundreds and thousands...
    17-08-2019, 03:34 AM
  • How to List Your Domain Names for Sale at Afternic?
    by DOMAINX™
    If you have never heard about Afternic, continue reading to learn why it is an important domain name sales platform and how you can list your domain names for sale at Afternic.

    Afternic is a Godaddy company and one of the most prominent domain name market place for already owned domains. Domain name owners are able to list and sell their domain names through Afternic website. Most of the times, domain name owner is required to approve each domain name listing through the approval...
    08-08-2019, 03:35 AM
  • List of Domain Name Brokers in the Industry
    by DOMAINX™
    Every day there is a new message or a request from a domain name investor seeking help in order to sell his/her domain name.

    We clearly identify that we do not broker domain names most of the time, unless we know client personally, however there are plenty of domain name brokers who can help you.

    Domain name brokers and brokerage platforms are the ones who dedicatedly help you in selling your domain name for the right market price. These individuals or companies enable...
    06-07-2019, 01:10 PM
  • Important Points to Consider Before Investing in Domain Names
    by DOMAINX™
    I have been thinking about writing some important points to consider, and keeping in mind before starting in the domain name industry, which people can follow and avoid burning their hands or wasting hard-earned money. So here it is and I really don’t care if you like them or not but they have worked out well for me, for past 19+ years :-)

    These points could help domain name investors as well if they aren't making enough with your current portfolio of domain names. You can sit back...
    01-07-2019, 09:20 AM